Soccer Teams Tutorial

Add Image Into Post

To add an image into the post content follow the below steps:

  • Click inside the editor to select the place that you want the image to appear
  • Click on Add Media Button


  • After clicking Add Media button you will have option to upload your image or choose from Media Library
  • Once you have your image, you’ll be able to fill in more details and most important to choose the alignment (recommended is left alignment), Link To – this can be left as None and size depending on current image width and height
  • Below is a sample image inserted into the post with left alignment:

At this stage you just need to publish/update your post and it will become visible on your website, don’t forget to choose the category in the right sidebar.

Navigate to the next chapter to find out how to add featured image that will be displayed in the article excert (the short version visible on home page).