Soccer Teams Tutorial

Add New Gallery

A gallery can be added to any page, but the recommended one is called just Gallery. It is simple and quick to add new galleries that will be available to visitors via beautiful light box effect with a user friendly navigation through the images. See below instructions on how to add new gallery:

  • Navigate to Pages in the left side menu
  • Find Page called Gallery
  • Click on that page to enter editing and then click on Add Media Button


  • Now click on Create Gallery on the top left:
  • Again you can choose images from Media Library or upload new images
  • If you uploaded the images, all them will be already selected and ready to go, if you want to add them via Media Library you will have to click on each image to include it with your gallery
  • Now just click Create new gallery button on bottom right
  • Your Gallery is now created, there are few things recommended to do before you insert your gallery. First handy thing is that you can manage the image order by drag and drop. Second important one is to set the first image Caption which will be displayed as a Gallery title, it’s good to add caption for each image as it will be visible in the light box popup and will provide some info about the currently displayed picture.
  • Now click on Insert gallery button on the bottom right
  • All ready to go, just click on Update button in the right sidebar to make your gallery visible on the front end

Important: As you can see on the above screenshot, you can have multiple galleries added into the page, try it your self and see how it displays on the front end – you’ll be surprised with the great effect it makes.
Remember that you can add similar galleries to any page on your soccer website.