Soccer Teams Tutorial

Add News Post

It’s very important to keep your website up to date with news, that will make sure that all your fans will come back to your website every so often to check what’s happening with your team. Adding news with Soccer Teams is very simple, follow the below guide to find out how to easily add properly formatted news.

  •  Click on Posts Menu item in the left navigation
  • Click on Add New under Posts in the left navigation
  • Fill out Post Title, Post Content and make sure to select the category, see below screenshot for details:


Post Formatting
It is important to format your post so it will be user friendly and easy to read.

You should use h1 and h2 tags for marking your headers, the h1 and h2 tags are pre-formatted and will look great on the front end, see below screen shots.

Too add h1 tag to your header, select the text and click on Format menu(might be visible as Paragraph) beside Font size and select Heading 1.

Make some content bold to highlight it’s importance after the h1 header is done.

H2 tag is great for splitting the article into sections, it works good with 1st and 2nd half headers and many more, add h2 tags using same options as h1 but select Heading 2. Below is a sample h2 tag on the front end.

The excerpt character length (number of characters displayed on home page short version of posts)
Sometimes it’s necessary to change the character length of the excerpt. To do that you need to set a custom field called short post chars.

In the Name, select short post chars and in the value type your character length, then refresh your home page to see how your excerpt post looks.