Soccer Teams Tutorial


The Dashboard module contains 3 elements for editing and league tables on the right just for informational purposes. Read below about each editable element:

League Name
This is your team league name that you’re currently playing in. It will be visible at front end over the mini table in the left sidebar so make sure you fill it out and press the Save button.

This element is a great way to provide some quick info’s to your team mates or club fans. You can select the data and type your note and it will display at the front end for all visitors. Good to show up next training/match date and time for example.

Website Banner
Make your website more customized and add a custom banner with a team picture for example. Make sure to resize the banner to proper width before uploading (980px). The max recommended height is 410px. Follow these steps to upload your custom banner:

  • Click on Upload Image button
  • Click on Select Files and find the pre-prepared banner image on your pc
  • Once uploaded just click on Insert Into Post button on the bottom and then click Save button, see below screenshot