Soccer Teams Tutorial

League Schedule

This is the heart of your website. Here you can add new league, cup, friendly, play off games and set the results. All this will be used to provide league tables, player statistics and much more. Below points will show you how to use the main features of league schedule module:

Important: Once you edit any matches, to get player statistics and tables up to date you will have to click on Update Table & Player Stats button on League Schedule View

Adding New League Match

  1. Click on Add New Match button
  2. Choose Round Number, higher round numbers will be available once previous rounds have some matches.
  3. Choose Home and Away Teams
  4. Pick the date and time
  5. Leave the Match Type as League and click on Save Match


Adding Cup, Play Off, Friendly Matches

  1. Click on Add New Match button same as for League Match
  2. Choose Round Number
  3. Choose Match Type – this will add option to choose Custom Team Name (allows to add matches against teams that are not in your league)
  4. Choose Team Name, if it’s not a league team then tick the custom check box and type in the team name
  5. Pick the date and time
  6. Click on Save Match


Editing Match Results

  1.  Click on Edit button in League Schedule View
  2. If the match doesn’t include your team you will be able to edit Half Time Result and Full Time Result
    If one of the teams is your team, you’ll be able additionally to edit player statistics
  3. If you posted an article with match review, you can add article link here, this will allow users to link to the match review once they are on match result page.
  4. Click on Save Match to finish editing