Soccer Teams Tutorial

Register New Team Website

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Buy Now Button to gather your new license key
  3. Read & Accept the Terms & Conditions by clicking on Buy Now Button again
  4. You will be redirected to PayPal to process your payment, if you don’t have a paypal account just click on Don’t have a Paypal account and process the payment with a credit card, see screenshot below:
  5. After entering your payment details, you’ll be asked to click to on continue button which will redirect you back to for completing the purchase
  6. On the next step you’ll see your order details, just check if all looks ok and click on Place Order when ready
  7. Your order is now complete, you can see your license key on the screen it’s sent to you via email. Click on continue button to proceed with your site registration
  8. Now, once you have your license key you can enter this on the home page screen under step 2 and click on register button 
  9. Enter your website url, make sure that the url is not already taken before you continue. The final url is displayed below the entry box and you can use this to check the availability. The url will be used to access your website, you’ll be able to set full team name in the next step.
  10. Enter your email address that will be used for creating your admin account for your new website and click next button
  11. Now it’s time to set you team name, make it a user friendly format, so best to do is capitalize each word in your team name
  12. Congratulations! Your new website is ready to go, but before you can access it, you have to activate the site by clicking on the link that you should receive via email.
  13. Your site is active and you can start setting up all the features, refer to next tutorial pages for detailed info.